The idea of establishment of Edgar Maranta School of Nursing go far with the presence of St. Francis Referral Hospital. The school at the beginning initiated for improving Human resources at the St. Francis Referral Hopital. Note that the Diocese of Ifakara had secured enough land for other medical institutions, which surround SFRH as explained below: – The present Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) started as Swiss Tropical Institute Field Laboratory (STIFL) in 1957 with first epidemiological studies (Collection of basic data and samples). The commencement of applied and operational research started in 1981. In 1991 STIFL decided that Ifakara is the Centre as affiliate of National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). Formation of Ifakara Health Research Development Committee (IHRDC) trust was initiated in 1996. The year 2008 marked the formation of Ifakara Health Institute (IHI). The Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) was established in 1961 as a Training Centre founded as Rural Aid Centre. It was financed by Basle Foundation for Cooperation with Developing Countries under the implementation of Swiss Tropical Institute. In 1973 it was changed to a Medical Assistant Training Centre and in 1978 it was handed over to Ministry of Health (MoH). Further more in 1994 it was transformed to a Clinical Officer Training Centre. Then in 2005 partner facilitated the college into an “International Financial Self-reliant Institution”.  In 1994 the Diocese of Mahenge established Nursing School known as General Nursing Diploma Upgrading Course (GNDUC) linked with St. Francis Referral Hospital. In 2004 the Mahenge Diocese again launched Nursing School which was given the name Edgar Marantha School of Nursing (EMSN) for the honor of the late Capuchin Brother and former Bishop of Mahenge diocese, who was the founder of our Congregation of Diocesan Sisters of Charity of St. Francis of Asizi. According to the high demand of medical personnel in Tanzania, in 2010 the Catholic Church of Tanzania originated a St. Francis University College for Health Alliance Science in Ifakara, which affiliated to St. Augustine University of Tanzania.


In the early 1990s, as Tanzania has been developing lots of health reforms, the country was facing a shortage of nursing human resources. Till then, especially Grade “B” nurses had been trained, and the Government of Tanzania (GoT) had plans to support schools to upgrade nurses to Grade “A” nurses (Nursing Officer). In 1993, five such schools were existed and trained approximately 100 nurses throughout the country, due to the high demand of this Cadre in the Health Sector this amount was not enough and therefore more efforts were needed to balance the demand and the actual need of nursing service to the health sector. In early 1993, the Polish expatriate director of St. Francis Hospital Dr. Ryszard Jankiewicz took the initiative to start Ifakara School of Nursing commonly known as GNDUC by using the existing infrastructure of St. Francis Referral Hospital. In its starting year of 1994 the school enrolled the total number of thirty five (35) students and currently the school has the capacity of enrolling two hundred students at a time and has twenty five staffs



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